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Call for action to improve standards of care for people living with psoriasis in Europe



Nearly 20,000 people have signed the ‘Psoriasis Mandate’ and pledged their support for the recognition of five key rights of people with psoriasis which are not applied consistently across Europe:
  • Early and accurate diagnosis,
  • Access to a specialist for regular treatment review,
  • Access to effective treatment options,
  • Involvement and choice in a treatment plan with defined goals and
  • Understanding and support from society to lead a normal life
  • The Psoriasis Mandate was launched in 2012 on the basis of concrete recommendations formulated in a White Paper by an expert working group comprising clinicians and patient advocacy group representatives*.
Ronan Farrelly, President of EUROPSO, commented: “We will use this strong support to address a call for action to decision-makers across Europe. It is time to ensure that people living with psoriasis in Europe receive the care that they deserve to manage this serious and chronic condition”.
At the end of the event, a copy of the “Call for Action” was signed by the host MEP, Ms. Nessa Childers: “Psoriasis affects around 14 million Europeans. This is a significant number that represents around three times the population of my country, Ireland. Many more are also affected indirectly. Taking actions to address the challenges faced by people affected by psoriasis is not only a public health matter, it is a political and societal choice”.
The event in the Parliament gathered representatives of patients associations, healthcare professionals, industry and policy-makers to discuss ways of tackling the burden of chronic diseases in Europe, with a special focus on psoriasis.
A series of EU and international policy developments were highlighted, including the resolution on psoriasis adopted by the Executive Board of the WHO last May. Kathleen Gallant, Executive Committee Secretary of the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA), said: “This resolution sends a powerful, global message that psoriasis is a serious non-communicable disease that needs more public awareness. This is a great opportunity for education and a first step towards alleviating the devastating effects of this autoimmune inflammatory disease”. 

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