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Anti-drooling drug wins approval

A drug to treat chronic severe drooling in children with neurological disorders, developed by Japanese firm Shionogi Pharma Inc, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Cuvposa Oral Solution is said to be an improvement on the currently used glycopyrrolate, which needs to be crushed up before it is administered. Cuvposa comes in a flavoured solution and should be easier to administer, providing optimal doses for patients.

Cuvposa has been shown to cut the amount of saliva produced by the body and reduce drooling which, although normal in infants, is caused by a neuromuscular dysfunction in disabled children which makes it difficult for them to swallow.

Glycopyrrolate has been used for decades to treat peptic ulcers and reduce salivation in patients under anaesthesia.

FDA spokesman John Jenkins said: “Cuvposa provides an important therapy for controlling salivation in patients with neurologic disease.”

When Cuvposa glycopyrrolate oral solution was trialled, drooling in 78% of the children improved. However Cuvposa can cause dry mouth, constipation, flushing and urinary retention.

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