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Actavis plans to enter into Biosimilars


Actavis Group, the international generic pharmaceuticals company, today announced that it plans to enter into the field of biosimilars.

Dr Claudio Albrecht CEO of Actavis commented on the upcoming due diligence on Biopartners in Switzerland: “By entering into Biosimilars the generic companies gain access to a portfolio that requires a new approach to development and marketing. We will have generic companies investing significantly more in research and we will see originator companies developing generics. Only the large generic players such as Teva, Sandoz, Mylan and Actavis have the capability to do this, either by themselves or in partnerships with originators.

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We want to be selective with our biologic target portfolio. Endocrinology (a branch of biology and medicine dealing with the endocrine system) is one of the most interesting growth areas in the pharmaceutical industry. Actavis now offers a broad selection of oral diabetic medicines, so the addition of insulin and later insulin analogue is thus rational for Actavis and one of the areas we are looking towards.

Actavis is also one of the leading suppliers of generic oncology products, with a wide selection of products used in chemotherapy. Biosimilars could therefore also be an ideal addition to our oncology franchise.”


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