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Arpida AGM of shareholders approves all Board proposals


The Annual General Meeting of Arpida Ltd has approved every proposal put forward by its Board of Directors.

Ninety shareholders were present at the meeting that took place in Reinach today, representing 4,629,711 shares or 21.9% of the total number issued (21,094,104).

The following items were on the agenda:

1. Information on strategic options
There was a lively discussion regarding the possible strategic scenarios as presented by the CEO, Dr Jürgen Raths. An overview of these scenarios was already published in a press release earlier today. Shareholders provided valuable comments that will be incorporated in the further strategic evaluation. No decision has yet been taken. The Board of Directors assured the shareholders they will be duly involved in any major strategic decision.

2. Approval of the 2008 Business Report, Company Accounts and Group Accounts. The shareholders approved the 2008 Business Report, comprising the annual financial statements, the consolidated accounts and the 2008 Annual Report.

3. Discharge of the Board of Directors and of the Senior Executive Officers. The shareholders granted discharge to the Board of Directors and to the Senior Executive Officers for their actions.

4. Compensation of Losses with General Reserves. The shareholders approved the Board proposal to compensate the accumulated loss of CHF189,591,477 with an equal amount of share premium in the general reserves.

5. Re-election of the Auditors. The shareholders re-elected PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd as Auditors for 2009.

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