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Bayer HealthCare marks 2010 World Hemophilia Day


More than 45 Country Affiliates Join the Global Hemophilia Community to Mark the Day with “Reach Out & Care” theme

To mark World Hemophilia Day, Bayer HealthCare is reaffirming its commitment to the global hemophilia community by pledging EUR 250,000 to the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). Bayer employees around the world are organizing local World Hemophilia Day activities to engage and educate people on issues facing the community through events such as sporting competitions, information booths, professional symposia and physical therapy workshops.

Bayer’s annual contribution has helped support WFH’s treatment, care and education initiatives, including the Global Alliance for Progress (GAP) initiative, a program to increase the proper diagnosis and treatment of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, and the International Hemophilia Nursing Fellowship Program, which provides hemophilia education and training to nurses in developing countries. Bayer is the sole sponsor of this nursing program.

“One of the core goals of the World Federation of Hemophilia is to make safe, effective treatment available for all those with inherited bleeding disorders, regardless of where they live,” said Mark Skinner, WFH president. “Our vision of ‘Treatment for All’ means expanding services to reach all those in need. And with the help of partners like Bayer, we continue to improve care for people with all bleeding disorders around the world.”

Reflecting Bayer’s commitment to the hemophilia community, employees around the world will engage in World Hemophilia Day activities under the theme “Reach Out &Care” that are a natural continuation of their commitment and everyday work to help people with hemophilia live the lives they choose.

“We at Bayer are profoundly aware of the human impact hemophilia has on people living with the disorder, and are equally passionate about helping them,” said Michael E. Mathews, vice president and therapeutic area head, Hematology, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. “Through our long-term commitment to the global hemophilia community and history of scientific innovation, we are striving to develop new products and launch unique services that increase convenience and, ultimately, improve health outcomes.”

Over the last three decades, Bayer has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research, clinical trials and post-marketing studies that have led to improved treatments and a better understanding of hemophilia. Today, as a leader in hemophilia research, Bayer continues to support advances in treatment by: Applying innovative technologies to develop a recombinant factor VIII molecule with improved properties such as increased circulation time and lower immunogenicity.

Bayer has a long history of advocating for and supporting the global hemophilia community. It has donated more than 20 million units of product to countries with limited access to hemophilia treatment and continues to serve the community by facilitating access to relevant information for teens and young men with hemophilia.

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