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Biobank project targets UK patients


Residents of a town in the UK have been offered the chance to improve the health of future generations following the most detailed health project ever undertaken in the region.

UK Biobank, in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), is assessing people in Bury and the surrounding area aged 40-69 as part of the UK Biobank programme.

Participants will provide information on their current health and lifestyle in a questionnaire, have some body measurements taken and donate a small sample of blood and urine.

The UK Biobank project is aimed to help ascertain why some people develop particular diseases and others do not, paving the way for better prevention and treatment.

Professor Rory Collins, UK Biobank principal investigator, said: “We are building a major resource to fight a wide range of painful and disabling diseases in many years to come.”

UK Biobank

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