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Cancer not linked to fertility drug


The risk of developing ovarian cancer is not increased through the use of fertility drugs, according to a study.

Research by the Danish Cancer Society looked at 54,362 women with infertility problems referred to all Danish fertility clinics between 1963 and 1998.

Of these, 156 had ovarian cancer. After taking into account several risk factors, the study found no overall increased risk for ovarian cancer after use of any fertility drug. It also found no increased risk among women who had undergone 10 or more cycles of treatment or among those who failed to become pregnant.

The research, published on the British Medical Journal website, was undertaken after previous studies had produced conflicting results particularly in regard to women who had undergone several cycles of treatment or who had never succeeded in becoming pregnant.

The authors said that although the results were generally reassuring, as no convincing association between ovarian cancer and use of fertility drugs was uncovered, much study still remains because many of the study participants have yet to reach the peak age for ovarian cancer.

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