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Catumaxomab in patients with malignant ascites


Catumaxomab is the best investigated drug for patients with malignant ascites caused by carcinomas. The reconfirmed high level of efficacy of Catumaxomab, reflected in the significant prolongation of the puncture-free interval, is translated into clearly more stable/improved quality of life for patients.
We kindly invite you to participate in our press conference and would like to give you the following details for your diary:
Sunday, September 30th 2012
12noon  – 1 pm
Location: Austria Trend Hotel Donauzentrum, Vienna
We are pleased that we have been able to enlist the support of three recognised experts in the field to take part in this event: Prof. Florian Lordick (Leipzig), Prof. Jalid Sehouli (Berlin) and PD Dr. Gülten Oskay-Özcelik (Berlin) who will present the results of the CASIMAS trial, also presented during the Poster Sessions at the upcoming ESMO Congress, and relate them to previous research into malignant ascites. Other important aspects that will be considered will be the quality of life of patients and how to provide them with appropriate support.

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