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Published on 25 February 2010

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Celgene announce launch of R&D centre in Europe


Celgene has announced the launch of a new European hub for cutting-edge translational science called the Celgene Institute of Translational Research Europe (CITRE).

The launch of this new hub demonstrates Celgene’s commitment to research in Europe and is the first alliance of its kind to bring together key parties from government, industry and academia.

It will be the first Celgene centre outside the US exclusively dedicated to R&D.

This new collaboration will aim to minimise the gap between basic scientific research and clinical results, so that patients benefit sooner from laboratory discoveries.

Based in Spain, CITRE will also exhibit Celgene’s commitment to innovations in biomedical research, regenerative medicine, personalised medicine and stem-cell research.

“CITRE represents a new model for research in Europe, based on qualities that are fundamental to success: collaboration, communication and progress,” said Sol J Barer, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Celgene.

“This new research paradigm will expedite the discovery of innovative approaches in cellular therapies for patients with otherwise limited options who are in need of new solutions.”

CITRE will focus on several cutting-edge research areas, including cell signalling, cellular therapies, tumour biobanking, epigenetics and bioinformatics and will comprise five facilities:

  • Cell Cultures.
  • Citometry.
  • Electronic Microscopy.
  • Genomics.
  • Proteomics.

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