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Celgene UK announce data evaluating continuous therapy with Revlimid at ASH


Celgene UK announced that data evaluating continuous therapy with REVLIMID (lenalidomide) across all stages of multiple myeloma were presented during the 51st American Society of Hematology’s annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.

The studies demonstrated REVLIMID has significant clinical potential in active newly diagnosed myeloma, for induction therapy followed by continuous treatment and in asymptomatic smoldering multiple myeloma.

Over the past decade, the treatment landscape for myeloma has evolved dramatically with the advent of novel treatment agents such as REVLIMID. Initially used for relapsed or difficult-to-treat cases, novel agents are being increasingly tested as early treatment options.

New clinical studies presented this week support the use of continuous therapy throughout progression of the disease as a treatment strategy improving outcomes.

“These studies demonstrate that at all stages of multiple myeloma, sustained diseases control can be achieved by continuous treatment with Revlimid” said lead investigator Antonio Palumbo, MD, University of Turin.

“Demonstrating that continuous Revlimid-based treatment is as effective as a stem cell transplant is great news for patients because it provides another treatment option which is safer and more convenient as an oral therapy”.


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