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Community pharmacists “make diabetes difference”


Patients who turn to a community pharmacist for help in treating type 2 diabetes can significantly improve their health, research has found.

Pharmacist Ali Al-Blowi, from Bradford University in the UK, investigated the impact on health of patients with type 2 diabetes who attended a diabetes clinic.

And he found that patients receiving counselling, education, and dosage adjustments from a pharmacist saw significant improvements.

Around 62% of people reported increased knowledge about their disease, while almost a quarter said their quality of life improved.

Pharmacists have become increasingly involved in diabetes management in recent years.

Paul Gimson, lead pharmacist for long-term care at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB), said: “The Government strategy Choosing Health Through Pharmacy, and the National Diabetes Support Team have also previously recognised pharmacy as a vital network for supporting public health in the area of diabetes.

“The RPSGB continues to urge health commissioners to consider the potential benefit of pharmacy when designing services, and encourages the public to consider the advice their pharmacist can provide in identifying and supporting their management of diabetes.”

Bradford University’s Professor Henry Chrystyn added: “Our results prove that community pharmacists have become a valuable asset in managing diabetes, and that they contribute to improved health outcomes for patients.”

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