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Composition of the Nomination Committee of Orion Corporation


The Board of Directors of Orion Corporation has elected the following persons to the Nomination Committee of the company:
Kari Jussi Aho
Matti Kavetvuo
Timo Ritakallio
Seppo Salonen
Hannu Syrjänen
Jukka Ylppö
Matti Kavetvuo was elected Chairman of the Committee.
The Committee prepares and presents a recommendation to the Board of Directors for the proposal to the Annual General Meeting concerning the composition of the Board. The term of the Nomination Committee shall end at the closing of the next Annual General Meeting of the company.
The essentials of the working order of the Nomination Committee and a description of the election process of its members are provided at, a page in the Corporate Governance section of the Orion Group internet website.

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