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CPhI Worldwide – a division of UBM Live – and its sister brand, Pharma Evolution ( will introduce annual and monthly reports covering key trends in the global pharmaceutical industry. 
CPhI, which hosts a number of successful and well-respected pharmaceutical conferences and exhibitions around the world, will leverage its longstanding independent position within the industry to analyse trends identified by its attendees and a group of expert advisors. Together with content partner, Pharma Evolution, a new peer-to-peer community website, CPhI will examine key topics and issues, and promote online discussion.
The first monthly report covering Formulation & Ingredients will be released in May and subsequent reports will examine such topics as outsourcing, biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing and generic drug development.
The first annual report, which will review the current state of the global pharma industry, will be released in September, one month before the CPhI Worldwide conference in Frankfurt in mid-October.  It will feature insights from thought leaders in key sectors of the industry, evaluating current practices and projecting near and long-term trends – as well surveying all CPhI attendees – providing an aggregated view of the industry from its most senior people for the first time.
The monthly reports will be developed and data collected by Pharma Evolution, a joint venture with UBM DeusM, launched on February 25, which aims to promote direct online sharing between professionals in pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing, supply chain management, and quality. On Pharma Evolution, industry insiders share best-practices, self-assessment tools, technical articles, webcasts, chat, and non-traditional formats designed to help professionals to improve results and envisage new more innovative approaches to R&D and manufacturing. Instead of focusing on journalist-written content, Pharma Evolution showcases content written by industry experts and those who work in the industry, the site provides a safe and secure online environment where peers can share the best non-proprietary practices, troubleshoot problems, and openly discuss challenges and issues.
UBM realised the need for a community, as well as greater access to analysis and best practices, within the drug industry. “For pharmaceutical professionals today there’s an enormous pressure to innovate and manufacture more efficiently, with fewer resources, improving product safety and quality at the same time” says editor, Agnes Shanley. “There’s a real need for better risk management and more scientific approach to quality assurance and control.”
By diversifying its content through the new partnership, and moving into industry research and analysis, CPhI aims to define and share best practices across the global pharmaceutical industry.

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