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Diabetes study disconfirms earlier risk findings


Interim results from the ADVANCE Study, involving 11,140 high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes, provide no evidence of an increased risk of death among patients receiving intensive treatment to lower blood glucose.

These findings contrast with those reported recently by the US National Heart Lung and Blood Institute suggesting that intensive glucose-lowering treatment levels had increased mortality among patients with diabetes recruited to the ACCORD trial.

ADVANCE was designed to answer two questions in patients with type 2 diabetes: first, does intensive treatment to lower blood pressure improve outcome; and second, does intensive treatment to reduce blood glucose improve outcome?

In September 2007, the ADVANCE Collaborative Group published evidence in The Lancet showing that the blood pressure lowering treatment had reduced the death rate among participants.

In January 2008, the part of the study designed to assess the effects of the intensive treatment to reduce blood glucose was completed.

As in ACCORD, this intensive treatment program was designed to lower blood glucose to levels below those usually recommended by clinical guidelines.

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