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Drug firm Shire launches clinical trial site


Drug firm Shire has launched a website providing details of its clinical trials.

The firm said the portal provided scientific, non-promotional summaries of studies in a consistent format for pharmacists and patients.

The company hopes the move will bolster its commitment to transparency in reporting trial results.

Company chief scientific officer Eliseo Salinas said: “The creation of this new website helps us achieve our goal to ensure that patients and their families, as well as physicians and other healthcare providers, have access to accurate information related to Shire medicines.

“It’s important for patients and their caregivers to understand all aspects associated with the treatment options they may be considering, and this new tool, which offers clinical trial data dating back to 2002, provides a central source to this information for Shire-sponsored trials of our medicines.”

Shire specialises in attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, human genetic therapies, gastrointestinal and renal diseases.

Shire Global Medical Affairs created the website, and its research and development compliance team is responsible for its content and maintenance.

Information is currently available on Adderall XR® (mixed amphetamine salts), DaytranaR® (methylphenidate transdermal system), Lialda® (Mesalazine) and ProAmatine® (midodrine).

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