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Dual-cooling freezer provides reliable sample storage


SANYO has launched a new dual-cooling -86ºC freezer to add to its range. The extra-large capacity MDF-U700VX is an upright 728 litre model provides maximum sample security for valuable research or clinical samples.

With two independent refrigeration systems SANYO dual-cooling freezers maintain a uniform -86ºC temperature environment. Should one cooling system suffer an unexpected failure, the other circuit will keep irreplaceable samples safely around -70ºC until service can be arranged. This protects samples and prevents out-of-hours call-outs in the event of a failure of one of the refrigeration systems. The features make this model ideal for the biotech pharmaceutical industries, stem cell research and regenerative medicine, tissue banks and blood transfusion centres, and other clinical and biomedical research facilities.

The MDF-U700VX has an extra-large capacity of 728 litres without taking up extra space, it also has a high efficiency vacuum insulation which provides typically 24 per cent more storage capacity compared to a conventionally insulated freezer with the same footprint.

This latest dual-cooling unit offers SANYO’s intelligent ECO Mode, optimising compressor operation to match the freezer’s running conditions and minimise energy use. Efficient long-term operation of the freezer is facilitated by the filter-less condenser design, which eliminates the need for routine filter cleaning. The central door-mounted LCD display panel provides intuitive programming of set points and clear confirmation of freezer status. An on-board data logging function allows the operator to easily check recent freezer performance. Other user-friendly design features include comprehensive alarms, a vacuum release port for smooth door opening, and quiet operation.


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