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Published on 29 August 2013

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East Cheshire NHS Trust Pharmacy Production Unit Flag Label



Episys, the global information technology solutions and services company, has worked with the Pharmacy Production Unit at East Cheshire NHS Trust and Compliance Labelling Solutions Ltd to devise a revolutionary Flag Label design which will cut costs in NHS medicine production departments by saving on both materials and time.
Previously, the Flag Label, which is used as the dispensing label for some small medications such as eye drops, came in two parts and had to be made up manually with a white sticker attached to a clear ‘flag pole’ part of the label. This was costly because two components had to be purchased and then manually put together.
To solve this problem, Episys and the Pharmacy Production Unit at East Cheshire NHS Trust have developed a Flag Label in conjunction with Compliance Labelling Solutions Ltd, which has merged the two parts meaning the cost of materials is halved and time spent manually applying the white sticker is eliminated.
The Pharmacy Production Unit at East Cheshire NHS Trust is a high-turnover department which provides medicines including eye drops, ear drops and inhalers to hospitals throughout the North West. It chose to develop and design the new label with Episys, which was already the Production Unit’s labelling software supplier, to improve processes in the department and importantly, cut back on costs.
Flag Labels are used to ensure that important information remains legible when there isn’t sufficient space on a bottle. They can be attached to containers where their shape means a conventional label cannot be attached or where it is vital that information isn’t obscured. It consists of a clear tab to which a dispensing label is attached, therefore the original information on the bottle remains visible to the patient.
Derek Buchanan, CEO of Episys says, “We are delighted to be involved in developing this new product which will undoubtedly save the NHS much time and money leaving it able to focus on its main priority of patient care. These times of relative austerity call for streamlined and cost effective solutions which we can now offer across the NHS.”
The labels will shortly be available for general order from Episys.
Episys labelling software solutions are in use throughout the NHS in the UK and the company is constantly improving services for customers including the launch of its Alliance Program which is another way for the NHS to save money. The scheme puts Episys customers in direct contact with label suppliers and enables them to order mass quantities of labels which show instant and significant savings. The scheme is now available to all Episys customers.
Episys works with NHS trusts including; St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, NHS Tayside, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, East Kent NHS Trust, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Episys is instilling best practice by holding study day workshops as well as its annual conference in London on 2nd October.

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