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Published on 9 July 2008

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EC approves double dose of Enbrel


Approval has been granted for psoriasis patients to be given a once weekly double dose of Enbrel (etanercept).

The decision from the European Commission means patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis can now be put on 50mg dosages rather than the current 25mg twice-a-week dose.

The authorisation comes after a clinical study found that patients achieved a 75% improvement in their quality of life halfway through the 24-week trial.

Continuing the trial for another 12 weeks led to 64% of those tested reporting “clear” or “almost clear” results.

Stevo Knezevic, chief medical officer of Enbrel’s makers Wyeth Europe said: “Psoriasis impacts greatly on the daily lives of patients, as demonstrated in the 318 study where patients prior to etanercept treatment reported quality of life scores comparable to those of severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

“The study results confirm that Enbrel can achieve sustained efficacy both in the short and longer term. Furthermore, the European Commission’s announcement affirms the important role that Enbrel can play in optimally managing the condition whilst providing greater flexibility and convenience for patients.”

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