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EFPIA responds to Health Action International


Health Action International released a report claiming the lack of transparency of the pharmaceutical industry on the expenditures related to representation towards the European Institutions. 


EFPIA, the voice of the research-based pharmaceutical industry, has improved its procedures and reported for 2011 expenses of approximately 500.000 Euros in the EU Transparency Register. 


Richard Bergström, EFPIA Director General explains: “I can spend all my time seeing people that invite me to see them. EFPIA is asked for its views and very often for data and analysis. 


“You can call that lobbying – I would not. I do not deny that we also proactively try to influence policy-making. That is our job, as is it for all other stakeholders in a democracy. 


“Pharma is heavily regulated, so it would be strange if we did not try to influence legislation.” 


“It is important that stakeholders are open not only on how much money they spend, but also on what their views are and what they are trying to achieve. 


“As Director General of EFPIA I promise to always be open on what our policies are and what we are asking for. Just ask me”, he concluded. 



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