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Exemestane “reduces bone density”


A breast cancer prevention study shows that women who are given the hormonal therapy exemestane (Aromasin) experience a reduction in bone density.

According to the ongoing study, results show an “acceptable” level of bone loss after women are treated with exemestane.

The research examines the use of exemestane in postmenopausal women who are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer based on commonly used risk assessment measures.

In addition to the hormonal therapy drug, participants also received calcium carbonate and vitamin D.

A report by Jennifer Eng-Wong, a breast cancer specialist at Georgetown’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, US,  shows findings from 18 women who completed one year of exemestane.

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Eng-Wong reports: “We found a drop in bone mineral density in these women similar to what we’ve seen in women taking exemestane in the adjuvant treatment setting.

“Like aromatase inhibitors in the adjuvant setting there is a small amount of bone loss in the spine and hip. The long term clinical impact of the small decrease is not known.”

The study will continue to measure bone density and change in breast density over two years of exemestane treatment.

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Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

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