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Published on 7 March 2008

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German blood thinner recalled


Health authorities in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein have asked wholesalers and pharmacies to recall a generic blood thinner, MarketWatch reported.

A spokesman for BfArM, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices said that there was reason to suspect that the blood thinner, a generic version of heparin manufactured by small German firm Rotexmedica GmbH Arzneimittelwerk, was not of acceptable quality, according to MarketWatch.

Rotexmedica has so far declined to comment.

US based-Baxter International Inc last week announced that it was proceeding with a voluntary recall of its own heparin products, following a high number of reports of adverse patient reactions.

The US Food and Drug Administration is currently investigating the cause of adverse effects following heparin treatment, in US patients.


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