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Gilead to test four-in-one HIV drug


Gilead Sciences has started a late stage trial of its four-in-one HIV tablet “Quad”, it has revealed.

The company said the trial, which will involve over 700 patients, will last 96 weeks.

The Quad tablet will be compared to Gilead’s other treatment for HIV. These include the three-in-one drug Atripla, and a combination of Truvada, an older two-in-one drug, along with Norvir and Reyataz.

Gilead said the aim is to test Quad’s ability to reduce HIV levels among patients.

The tablet is made up of drugs elvitegravir and cobicistat. It also contains components of truvada, emtricitabine and tenofovir.

Meanwhile, Gilead said it will carry out addition trials of cobicistat in the near future.

The company revealed it will compare the drug to Abbott Laboratories’ drug Norvir.

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