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Grass pollen allergy vaccine shows promise


A novel vaccine for grass pollen allergy has shown significant improvements for patients in a Phase IIa trial. 


The vaccine BM32 is based on an innovative recombinant peptide carrier technology that allows for fewer injections and shows fewer side-effects than other immunotherapy treatments for allergy sufferers. 


BM32 has been developed by Biomay AG, an Austrian biopharmaceutical company specialised in the discovery and development of innovative allergy therapeutics. 


The company has already initiated a Phase IIb trial for BM32 with 180 allergic patients.


Biomay AG announced today promising results from a First-in-Man Phase IIa trial with its innovative allergy vaccine BM32. 


The vaccine significantly reduced allergy-related nasal symptoms in a study group of 70 patients suffering from grass pollen allergy. 


The environmental challenge study also showed that BM32 significantly reduced skin reactivity to grass pollen as demonstrated by skin prick testing. 


The treatment was shown to be safe and was generally well tolerated, despite the fact that a full dose of the vaccine was given from the first day of treatment. 


All in all, patients were given three doses of BM32 or a placebo by subcutaneous injections over a period of two months. This dosing regimen offers a dramatic improvement over conventional immunotherapy, which requires multiple injections.


Dr. Rainer Henning, CEO of Biomay AG, commented: “We are very encouraged by these exciting data. They validate our scientific hypothesis that Biomay´s proprietary recombinant peptide carrier technology can form the basis of vaccines that induce the production of protective antibodies against allergenic proteins contained in grass pollen, which are the root cause of the disease. At the same time, this technology reduces the risk of side effects and the need for multiple injections.”


Biomay AG

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