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GSK to pay out over Paxil claims


Families claiming a Glaxosmithkline medicine caused birth defects in their children have been promised out-of-court payouts totalling at least around £654 million from the drug giant.

More than 800 cases allege that the antidepressant drug Paxil damaged new-born babies and the payouts mean each family would each receive an average payment of around £784,000. However at least 100 birth defect cases remain pending with the UK’s biggest drugs firm.

It is unclear from which country or countries the claims originate.

On July 15 the company said it has ringfenced around £1.5 billion to pay for any claims surrounding Paxil, as well as diabetes drug Avandia.

Other Paxil-related cases involve claims that some patients who took it were driven to kill or attempt to kill their self, and some involved addiction to the medicine.

Officials at the company refused to say anything about the birth-defect settlement terms.

Those with diabetes alleging that the Avandia drug increase their risk of heart attacks and strokes have so far been paid at least £326 million by Glaxosmithkline, it emerged recently.

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