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Hard-to-heal wounds treatment


PRNewswire–Teva UK Limited, a leading supplier of medicines to the NHS, has today entered the Wound Care sector with the launch of PolyHeal (TM) at the Wounds UK conference. PolyHeal is a product for hard-to-heal wounds and has been clinically shown to result in a significant reduction in wound size after just one month’s treatment – even in wounds with exposed bones and tendons.

The product consists of negatively charged polystyrene microspheres, suspended in a nutrient medium, which interact with cellular components within the wound bed to activate the inflammatory and proliferation phases of wound healing. It has clinically proven results in treating hard-to-heal wounds across a variety of wound types:

  • Granulation coverage in 63% of wounds after four weeks
  • 40% wound size reduction after four weeks
  • 36% of wounds closed within 12 weeks

The results of two open-label studies of chronic wounds of multiple aetiologies – including venous, diabetic and ischaemic ulcers – showed that 87% of patients treated with PolyHeal achieved significant wound improvement after four weeks of treatment. Furthermore, all exposed bones and tendons
were covered after four weeks.

Speaking at the launch, Robyn Hughes, Primary & Secondary Care Director at Teva, said: “We’re delighted to bring this exciting new product to the UK market and believe it will make a real difference to patients suffering from hard-to-heal wounds.”

Marketing Manager, Dr Andrew Ellis, added: “There remains an unmet need in the treatment of chronic wounds – we are confident that PolyHeal will become a cornerstone of therapy in this challenging market segment.”

The product will be available from wholesalers in January 2011.

Teva UK Limited

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