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Healthcare coalition on data protection


The Healthcare Coalition on Data Protection has published a joint statement highlighting the role of personal data in delivering high quality, patient-centred healthcare and conducting effective clinical and public health research, while expressing concerns on the potential negative impact of the proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation in these areas.
This Healthcare Coalition was recently formed and includes several key stakeholders active in the healthcare and related sectors in Europe.
The Coalition aims to raise awareness of the essential role the processing and sharing of personal data plays in improving effective, sustainable and innovative healthcare while supporting health research of significant public interest.
This Coalition is the first initiative of its kind gathering key actors in the health sector, including physicians, dentists, healthcare providers, medical researchers and healthcare technology and mobile health providers around one single cause: the need to facilitate health data processing for health purposes, in a reliable and responsible manner (with the highest respect for EU citizens’ fundamental right to data protection and privacy).
By joining forces, the Coalition is looking forward to making a positive contribution to the current debate on the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation in the interests of patients and the healthcare sector.

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