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HPA statement on Pseudomonas infections


The Health Protection Agency has issued a statement on Pseudomonas infections.

Pseudomonas are bacteria which are normally found in soil and ground water. Infections rarely affect healthy people and would be most likely to hit those already sick.

Pseudomonas infection may be spread by transfer of the bacteria from contaminated sources or medical equipment to patients. Unlike MRSA, Pseudomonas survives poorly on healthy skin and unlike Clostridium difficile, does not give rise to diarrhoea.

The HPA stated that although it was not mandatory to report cases of Pseudomonas, it monitored cases of blood poisoning which represented the serious end of the infection.

In the last year, there were 3663 cases compared to 3306 reported in 2005.

The HPA stated that actions to help prevent patients contracting Pseudomonas included effective hand hygiene and good infection control measures.

HPA information on Pseudomonas

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