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Index Ventures discusses €150mn life sciences fund


Kevin Johnson, a Partner at Index Ventures, discussed their recently launched €150 million life sciences fund at the BioIndustry Association’s UK CEO and Investor Forum.

At the forum, which brought together 60 leading CEOs and investors from across the UK’s life sciences sector, Kevin also described how Index’s asset-based funding model works.

Speaking at the conference, Kevin said:
“Our asset-centric model funds building a company as a vehicle for a single programme without building infrastructure. These companies are lean operations, usually with up to six people, designed to take a therapeutic product from pre-clinical studies to a first-in-man trial.

“We have made two significant changes to how we establish companies. First, we have a pool of serial entrepreneurs who not only recognise opportunities and bring in deals to us, but also they are happy to be involved in those companies. Second, we want to be better informed about the projects we are choosing to invest in, and this is where our partnership with GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson comes in because we can tap into their institutional memory. So far, it seems to be working out.”

Steve Bates, BIA Chief Executive Officer, said:
“Kevin’s comments provided delegates at our forum with excellent insight into one of a number of new funding opportunities that could help companies in the UK to traverse the ‘valley of death’. I hope BIA member companies will approach Kevin to discuss future funding opportunities.”


Index Ventures

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