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Published on 21 December 2007

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Industry award for ointment system


Catalent Pharma Solutions has been honoured by Procter & Gamble for its pioneering DelPouch delivery system.

The company was awarded the Special Recognition for Skincare Innovation 2006-2007 prize from P&G’s External Business Development group.

A spokesman said DelPouch provides a sanitary means of applying lotions and ointments to prevent the spread of infection.

People simply squeeze a pouch attached to a foam pad that releases the contents directly on to the treatment area.

Since only the foam pad comes into direct contact with the skin, it can prevent potential bacteria from a finger from ever touching the affected area.

Each pouch also has a measured amount of the required product, making it easier to use and more precise.

Brad Trucksis from P&G said: “At P&G, the consumer is boss. We look forward to working with Catalent in the future on other ways to help improve consumers’ lives.”

Tracy Tsuetaki, Catalent group president of packaging services, added: “Catalent is proud to work with our partners to develop new designs and innovations that make their products easier to use while enhancing safety.

“Partnering with P&G has been extremely rewarding for Catalent, and we look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.”

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