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Published on 8 February 2010

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iPhone app tackles drug errors


An iPhone app that reduces the chances of paediatricians making prescription errors has been downloaded more than 10,000 times by users in 33 countries.

Paeds ED allows a user to input the details of the affected patient and calculate the exact prescription that is needed.

The success of the £3.99 app has spread across the paediatrics community, with users in Italy, Mexico, Canada and the US logging on to download the hassle-free app.

Dr Haidar Samiei, an emergency department consultant who developed the app, said the stress-free nature of Paeds ED removes the element of human error, which is thought to account for the 13%-20% of paediatric prescriptions that contain mistakes.

Dr Samiei said: “The emergency department environment is often hectic and unpredictable, and national research has shown that prescribing errors are a problem in emergency departments across the country – between 13% and 20% of paediatric prescriptions have errors.

“The Paeds ED app isn’t just a clever calculator; it can tell you what drugs you need for a specific condition and electronically work out the correct quantities after inputting information such as the child’s age or weight.

“Rather than working out calculations manually using a white board, this new app is super fast, super precise, reduces stress, and removes the risk of human error.”

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