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Karo Bio reacquires compound rights from Radius


Swedish pharmaceutical company Karo Bio has announced that it has reacquired the full rights to a new class of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs).

In September 2006 the firm announced a licensing agreement with Radius, based in Massachusetts, USA. Under the agreement, Radius acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to the SARMs, which were developed by Karo Bio.

Karo Bio has an exclusive compound library within its exploratory androgen receptor antagonist project for treatment of prostate cancer. A subset of the compounds was investigated by Radius in preclinical models.

Of specific interest were compounds that exhibited SARM properties, which means that they were stimulatory in bone and muscles while at the same time having neutral effects on prostate or uterine tissue.

These compounds were in-licensed by Radius with the intention to develop new compounds for treatment of osteoporosis. Karo Bio has now reacquired all rights to the Karo Bio SARM compounds and to related data generated by Radius.

“There are several therapeutic opportunities for compounds targeting the androgen receptor, and the retained rights and data to the SARMs add value to our technology base. However, our main focus is currently on our prioritised projects which are making progress according to plan,” said Per Olof Wallström, President of Karo Bio.

Karo Bio

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