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London centre for cancer research


New drugs and therapies for cancers with poor long-term survival rates are to be researched at a new world-class centre to be built at University College London.

It will focus particularly on finding causes and treatments for ovarian cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, head and neck cancer, blood cancers and sarcomas.

Typically, many of these, particularly lung and brain cancer, have been hard to successfully treat and, compared to other cancers, have low survival rates.

The UCL centre will join other cancer centres funded by Cancer Research UK in Newcastle, Birmingham, Liverpool, Belfast, Southampton and Cardiff.

Professor David Linch, Director of the new UCL Cancer Research UK Centre, said: “By joining the network of Cancer Research UK Centres across the UK we will be able to build on our world-class research, bringing benefits to patients, doctors and scientists.

“This new centre will strengthen the work we already do in taking new treatments straight from the laboratory to the clinic, bringing real benefits to people with cancer. Our vision is to supply high-quality care to all patients by creating research platforms that enable the development of new and innovative therapies.”

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University College London

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