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Published on 16 June 2010

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Lower costs are key to the competitive advantage of DCVax


Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc, developer of the DCVax personalised cancer vaccine, today announced the release of a new detailed report by Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Analyst Dr Navid Malik of the London-based Matrix Group.

As part of an in-depth review of the history and competitive landscape of what he calls the “cancer vaccine revolution,” Dr Malik concludes that “NWBT has generated some of the most striking data on survival and delayed time to progression in both brain cancer and prostate cancer that we have seen from any product in the market or in clinical development.”

Citing both “high dendritic cell purity” and “the single-batch bulk manufacturing process,” as “key advantages of NWBT’s technology which have not yet been appreciated by the market,” he concludes that this gives DCVax a “competitive advantage” versus virtually all of the other personalised cancer vaccine players.”

Linda Powers, chairman of the board of NWBT stated “We are grateful to Matrix for undertaking such a comprehensive analytical review of the increasingly active and promising cancer vaccine field. We are gratified that their conclusions support what NWBT has worked to achieve over the last 10 years: compelling late stage clinical trial results at major institutions for several different cancers.”

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