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Published on 26 April 2007

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Miraxion fails to meet endpoints in phase III trials for Huntington’s disease


US life sciences information service BioSpace reports on the resultsof two phase III trials evaluating Miraxion (semisynthetic ethyl-EPAderivative) in treating Huntington’s disease, which have been releasedby Amarin Corporation. In both double-blind, placebo-controlledstudies, patients with the disease were randomised to receive eitherplacebo or Miraxion (1g bd) for six months. The primary endpoint of thetrials was a change in the Total Motor Score 4 component of the UnifiedHuntington’s Disease Rating Scale; secondary endpoints includedcognition and Total Functional Capacity outcomes. No statisticallysignificant difference was found between the placebo and Miraxiongroups in any of the endpoints studied.

National Electronic Library for Medicines 25/4/2007


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