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Multi-stakeholder report myeloma treatment


Myeloma Patients Europe has announced the launch of a multi-stakeholder report on patient perspectives of myeloma treatment and care and their role in myeloma research.
The report raises questions about the extent to which current treatment options are meeting the needs of patients in Europe and what barriers are limiting access to the best possible treatment and care. It also makes recommendations in five critical areas: best practice in the treatment and care of myeloma, building successful partnerships with healthcare professionals, putting patients’ needs at the centre of research, ensuring an effective policy framework for treatment and care in myeloma, and how to utilise the power of patient advocacy.
Dr Faith Davies, member of the Faculty at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, said: “This incredibly valuable report deserves attention not only from the myeloma community, but also from anyone who recognises the fundamental change that is occurring in our healthcare systems throughout Europe.”
“It represents the voice of myeloma patients in Europe and a broad consensus on what the priorities in myeloma should be to change the status quo. The report is a much needed roadmap for myeloma patients in Europe.”
The Myeloma Patient Perspectives report was developed by Myeloma Patients Europe in collaboration with a group of prominent European myeloma experts.

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