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Nano-tech firm develops micro pump


A technology company has announced they are to apply electro-osmotic micro pump technology to microfluidic applications.

Microfluids firm Dolomite will collaborate with Japanese technology company Nano Fusion Technologies (NFT), to enable the development of small scale pumping systems.

The developments will be targeted towards drug delivery, drug discovery, point of care systems and biotech applications.

Microfluidics is a new field of science which enables very small-scale fluid control and analysis, allowing more cost effective and more powerful systems to be produced.

With lab-on-a-chip technology, the chemical management and analysis systems are created in a microfluidic chip and interfaced with, for example, electronic and optical detection systems.

Dr Gillian Davis, Regional Sales Manager for Dolomite said: “There is no doubt that microfluidics is starting to revolutionise instrument design. The considerable benefits of microfluidic chips are now widely understood but the challenge remains in how we integrate them into complete systems. It offers a very smooth flow, precise control and is capable of very low delivery volumes; making it ideal for clinical diagnostics.”

The pump is operated by applying a DC voltage and can also be controlled using a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) signal to deliver variable flow rates.

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