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Natural wound dressing wins innovation award


The 2011 Frost & Sullivan Western Europe New Product Innovation Award in Advanced Wound Management is presented to PhytoCeuticals for its 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING┬« (‘1’).

This innovative wound dressing spray is specially formulated from a proprietary combination of Neem oil and St. John’s Wort oil. ‘1’ is an easy-to-use, 100% natural and highly effective treatment for a wide range of wounds, including acute and chronic wounds.

“It has obtained CE marking and is approved in the European Union as a medical device,” notes Frost & Sullivan Research Associate Brahadeesh Chandrasekaran. “The technology has already gained a lot of attention and received positive testimonials from clinicians.”

‘1’ works by creating a moist wound environment, thereby promoting cell proliferation and activating the wound healing process. The oil layer prevents the adhesion of secondary dressings to the wound, enabling easy and painless dressing changes.

“In addition, Neem and St. John’s Wort oils have an antimicrobial and skin protecting effect through the fatty acids present in the specially formulated mixture,” remarks Brahadeesh. “Another value-added feature is the reduced time for a dressing change due to the rapid non-touch spray application.

The product is applied onto the wound bed, the wound edge and the periwound skin (all-in-one product) and therefore significantly reduces the steps involved in conventional wound treatment. These properties make the product an attractive first choice for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds.

“Simple and painless treatment, the painless removal of secondary dressings and the antimicrobial effect have underpinned ‘1’s widespread acceptance by both patients and clinicians,” states Brahadeesh. “This comprehensive solution successfully meets the needs and demands of the wound management industry with Phytoceuticals gaining an edge over other advanced wound management market participants with this 100% natural product.”

Using similar formulations, the company also plans to expand to the veterinary wound and human inflammatory skin disorders market.


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