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Ensuring safe disposal of hazardous medical waste

Pactosafe is a sealing unit for hazardous waste widely used within hospital pharmacies and oncology centres to ensure safe disposal of hazardous medical waste.

The first generation of Pactosafe was launched in 1986. The system has been installed in over 2,000 locations to ensure the safe handling of cytotoxic waste and toxic laboratory waste.

The new version, Pactosafe 4.0, has an 80% larger opening area than previous models and features a wider sack format that reduces plastics consumption by 40%.

The new design is much more user friendly and runs on safe 12 volt technology. It is now classified as Class III SELV (safety extra-low voltage).

With the GS mark approval from TÜV Pactosafe 4.0 meets all relevant safety and environment EC directives.

The new unit can also be supplied in battery-operated versions, says Henrik Péters, managing director at the manufacturer Paxxo.

This allows the unit to be mobile, so it can be operated near the source of the waste, improving safety when handling hazardous material.

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