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NHS sets price for new painkiller


Pharmaceutical company Javelin has received its price for the painkiller Dyloject (diclofenac) from the Department of Health.

The NHS will pay £48 for each pack of the injectable nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which can be used to treat acute moderate-to-severe postoperative pain.

In its UK registration trial, the company said Dyloject’s efficacy and safety were superior to those of the IV formulation of diclofenac currently on the market.

Each dose of the product in use at the moment requires buffering, dilution and slow infusion, while Dyloject comes ready to use for immediate IV bolus administration, and according to a recent study, has the potential to save the NHS up to £50 per postoperative patient.

Dyloject also employs a proprietary solubilizing agent that is significantly less irritating to veins than the organic solvents used in present diclofenac treatments, the firm added.

A Javelin spokesman said: “This decision is a very positive outcome for Javelin in the UK, coming as it does at a time of increasing price pressures.

“Based upon such pricing, we believe that Dyloject provides significant clinical and cost savings benefits to patients, healthcare providers and the National Health Service.”

The company is hoping to market the drug in a number of EU countries, including Germany, which is Europe’s largest market for prescription injectable pain medications.

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