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Novartis camp highlights importance of diversity


Novartis’ International Biotechnology Leadership Camp finished yesterday, bringing to a close three days of seminars that saw biotechnology and business experts meet with 60 selected students from leading international universities in 24 countries.

International BioCamp participants interacted with key Novartis scientists who lead the company’s unique approach to drug discovery and learnt about breakthrough new medicines to address patients’ unmet medical needs.

The interactive program was designed to help students understand trends and challenges in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors, as well as receive first-hand experience about starting and running a biotech company.

BioCamp also allowed students to explore career opportunities in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and network with talented students from other countries.

Students also visited some of the newest Novartis laboratory facilities.

On the final day of the program, BioCamp participants, working in groups, presented business cases to a jury of experts. The jury selected three individual winners and one winning team based on their contribution, performance, leadership and teamwork. This year, participants for International BioCamp were chosen through an application process in 15 countries, as well as through 9 local and regional BioCamp programs run in Bangladesh, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Slovenia and Taiwan.

“Diversity and inclusion is a pivotal foundational stone of our core strategies,” said Joseph Jimenez, CEO of Novartis.

“It is through diversity in people, cultures, thought and approach that leads to breakthrough medicines.”

“Our goal at Novartis, beyond creating next-generation medicines, is to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists – building the talent pool not only for Novartis affiliates, but leaders for the entire healthcare industry.”


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