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Novo Nordisk launches a next generation of FlexPen


Novo Nordisk announced the launch of a next generation of FlexPen at the  European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting.

The new insulin injection device builds upon the high standards set by the current version of FlexPen, with new features providing improved safety, convenience and ease of use for people with diabetes.

FlexPen is already the most widely used prefilled insulin device in the world, benefiting millions of people with diabetes worldwide.

The next generation of FlexPen requires 30% less force when injecting, resulting in a significantly lower injection force compared with SoloSTAR. Like the current version of FlexPen, the next generation of FlexPen provides superior dose accuracy in comparison to SoloSTAR. In addition, the new device provides a range of new design features aimed at improving safety and simplicity for people with diabetes.

Among the new design features are coloured cartridges, labels and packaging designed to aid insulin type identification for patients. For ease of handling everyday insulin injections, the next generation of FlexPen has an innovative simple twist mechanism to attach and detach the needle. This makes the device the first pen to be designed for use with a new generation of needles, which have a patented state-of-the-art attachment interface.

“This next generation of FlexPen is very welcome because it makes the injection process more comfortable for patients,” said Professor Andreas Pfützner, Institute for Clinical Research and Development, Germany.

“It introduces key features that will go a long way towards improving their compliance with prescribed treatment.”

The next generation of FlexPen has been tested among patients to assess if the new features translated into actual patient preference. In total, 95% of patients who tried the next generation of FlexPen said they would prefer to use it, over the current version of FlexPen. Eighty-nine percent found it more convenient to use, 98% said it took less effort to inject and 83% felt it was safer to operate than the current version of FlexPen.

To find out more about the launch of FlexPen, including its release date click the link below:

Novo Nordisk


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