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Oral antibiotics in paediatric pyelonephritis


Treatment with oral antibiotics is as effective as parenteral treatment in managing the first episode of clinical pyelonephritis in children, researchers have concluded.

The study, published early online in the British Medical Journal, compared efficacy of oral antibiotic treatment alone with treatment started parenterally and completed orally in children with a first episode of acute pyelonephritis.

The multicentre open-label trial involved 502 children with pyelonephritis, aged one month to seven years, who were randomised to receive oral co-amoxiclav (50mg/kg/day in three doses for 10 days) or parenteral ceftriaxone (50mg/kg/day in a single parenteral dose) for three days, followed by oral co-amoxiclav (50mg/kg/day in three divided doses for seven days). The primary outcome was the rate of renal scarring.

The researchers reported that in the intention-to-treat analysis, no significant differences were observed for the primary outcome

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