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Orion’s DeviSol meets its requirements


According to the study conducted by the University of Eastern Finland that was publicised in the media last week, the vitamin D content of Orion’s DeviSol preparation corresponds to only 77% of the amount indicated on the product description. However, the result was within the study’s margin of error.
Orion is questioning the University of Eastern Finland’s assays of vitamin D in the preparations after having analysed the results of the study and the research method used with reference to Orion’s DeviSol preparation.
Orion commissioned a new, independent analysis of the same batch of the DeviSol preparation at an external research laboratory, which was completed yesterday. The results of this analysis carried out according to an established research method show that the vitamin D content of the batch in question does meet the requirements.
According to the research laboratory’s results for vitamin D3 content, DeviSol 20mcg tablets, for example, contain 22.4mcg/tablet, i.e. 112% of the amount stated on the product description.
DeviSol products are regularly analysed at accredited research laboratories. The results of all these analyses have shown that the products and their vitamin D contents meet their requirements.
Orion would like to emphasise the standpoint that was publicised earlier: DeviSol meets the quality requirements set for the product and consumers can continue to use the product as before.

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