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Published on 1 October 2010

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Pfizer expands SMS medicine service


A text message service from Pfizer which reminds patients to restock their medication is being extended, the drugs giant said.

Mobile phone marketing agency Mkodo has been chosen to introduce the service across Pfizer’s women’s health division in the UK.

The company has conducted a year-long trial of the SMS initiative with its contraceptive drug Depo-Provera, which saw woman being texted to remind them to get a new prescription from their GP.

Mkodo’s Tamara Dobson said: “The strategic use of text messaging as part of an integrated customer follow-up programme is an ideal fit and is a tried and tested function.”

Drugs corporations are restricted in their UK promotions because the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry code of practice demands that prescription-only drugs cannot be publicly advertised. Publicised information on medicine must also be factual.

Pfizer has previously conducted an advert campaign, which used social networking websites, on the dangers of using counterfeit drugs.

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