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Published on 16 November 2007

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Pfizer issues advice letter on removal of Exubera


Pfizer has issued a letter to health care professionals providing advice on transferring patients on Exubera (inhaled insulin human) to alternative products.

The move follows last month’s announcement that Exubera is to be withdrawn from the market.

Exubera will be available until 16 January 2008 to expedite the transition process.

The letter advises that patients on Exubera as their only insulin should be switched to a long-acting insulin.

Those using Exubera in addition to a long-acting insulin should have it replaced with an alternative short-acting mealtime insulin, in addition to continuing the long-acting insulin. The approximate dosing of Exubera (mg) to approximate dosing of SC regular fast-acting human insulin dose (IU) is as follows:

1mg = 3IU
2mg = 6 IU
3mg = 8 IU
4mg = 11 IU
5mg = 14 IU
6mg = 16 IU
7mg = 19 IU
8mg = 22 IU
9mg = 24 IU
10mg = 27 IU

Clinical judgement is encouraged when determining the most appropriate treatment option for patients.



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