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Pharmacists join Health in Ramadan drive


Muslims in London who plan to fast during this month of Ramadan are being targeted by an NHS campaign.

Health In Ramadan has been designed by Barts and The London NHS Trust for anyone who may need help in keeping healthy while they fast.

Hospital staff reported in the past that some Muslims who were fasting were not taking medication properly and were missing medical appointments.

Pharmacist Yasmin Begum, who works at St Bartholomew’s, said: “Hospital and community pharmacists are very happy to talk to anyone who is on medication but is considering fasting during Ramadan.

“In some cases, it may be safe to switch the time of day that that they take their tablets. In other cases, such as with diabetes or heart conditions, this could be dangerous and we would be able to advise patients about their particular case.”

Training sessions on the issue were organised, and became opportunities for NHS experts, imams and other community leaders to discuss what could be offered.

The imams, from across London, have now been reminding people not to neglect their health during their fasting.

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