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Welcome to this, my first oncology blog for I should take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me.

My name is David Robb and I have been working (amongst other roles) as a hospital oncology pharmacist for the best part of six years at a large and well-known hospital in Cambridge. Not only is the hospital large but the site is involved in cutting-edge research and working towards hosting the Cambridge Biomedical Campus by 2020.

I hope that, over the coming months and beyond, the wealth of patient interaction in our hospital can generate some interesting and maybe even heated discussions and debate. I want your eyes to be opened to new or alternative solutions and hope that I can generate new methods of practice or help to solve some old lingering problems. Overall, I hope for free-flowing and light-hearted discussions. The more you contribute, the more ideas you will inspire me with, and the better my blog will become.

In our hospital we are presently engaged in the process of purchasing an electronic prescribing programme, which I will be helping to implement over the coming months. This will replace some of our older, predominantly DOS-based systems. We have also beefed up the number of brains working in the quality assurance (QA) department in oncology. To this end, my brain is currently focussed on procedures and that is where I shall take my first blog

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