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Radical therapies get top billing


Innovative new treatments for patients suffering from serious diseases and injuries across the EU are to be assessed by a new panel of experts.

The committee for Advanced Therapies has been established by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) to review advanced therapy medicinal products.

They are billed as opportunities for small and medium-sized drug companies to market radical new gene therapies, somatic cell therapies and tissue engineering solutions.

The committee will focus on safety issues within the regulatory framework, which is also intended to ensure the free movement of medicines within the EU.

While primarily intended to guarantee that patients receive the highest levels of health protection, the intention is also to encourage the global competitiveness of European drug companies.

EMEA executive director Thomas Lonngren said: “Some of the best experts in the field of advanced therapies will be working together so that patients suffering from serious diseases and injuries across the EU can safely benefit from revolutionary new treatments.

“Their work will help pharmaceutical companies, in particular small and medium sized ones, to unleash their innovative potential and bring new medicines to the market.”

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