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RESPeRATE approved in UK for hypertension


RESPeRATE has been approved in the UK for hypertensive patients.

RESPeRATE demonstrated a significant, all-day blood pressure reduction beyond that seen with concurrent treatments, including medication, diet and exercise.

The National Health Service (NHS) has made the £200 medical device available to patients on prescription at the standard prescription rate.

RESPeRATE was approved after a six-month review of its ten supporting clinical studies (five of which were randomised, controlled), patient satisfaction analyses and cost-benefit economic models and is featured in a new sub-section of Part IXA – Surgical Appliances’ of the Tariff list: ‘Devices for the adjunctive treatment of hypertension’.

RESPeRATE met all Department of Health requirements for safety, quality, appropriateness and cost effectiveness.

“We are delighted that patients in the UK can now obtain RESPeRATE on prescription,” said Dr Benjamin Gavish, Chief Scientist of manufacturer InterCure.

“We hope that this pioneering move by the NHS to set up a new device category to supplement the currently available treatment options for hypertension will encourage GPs to integrate RESPeRATE into their hypertension standard of care.”

RESPeRATE is primarily recommended for patients who:

  • are aged 65+ with not-yet-at-target blood pressure – in spite of medication
  • have diabetes with hypertension
  • are diagnosed with isolated systolic hypertension
  • have refractory hypertension
  • refuse medication or experience side-effects

There are no known contraindications for, and have been no adverse reactions to RESPeRATE.

RESPeRATE is also available for patients wanting or able to self-pay, at a cost of £200 either direct from the manufacturer or through selected pharmacies.


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