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Roche rapidly responds to WHO request


Roche today confirms that the World Health Organisation (WHO) hasrequested deployment of the “Rapid Response Stockpile.” The stockpileis being deployed to countries in need at the discretion of WHO.

The stockpiles includes both the 2 million treatment courses held bythe WHO and the 3 million treatment course rapid response stockpileheld by Roche.

David Reddy, Roche’s Pandemic Taskforce Leader commented: “Roche iscommitted to support WHO and Governments. We can confirm that WHO hasasked us to activate our “Rapid Response Stockpile” today. Also, Rocheis scaling up production in the best interest of all stakeholders”.

In addition, Roche is continuing to maximise manufacturing output ofTamiflu to meet the growing demand. Over the past week Roche has beenramping up Tamiflu output at multiple points in the supply chain.Production ramp up will continue over time resulting in a continuousand increasing flow of Tamiflu.

Roche is committed to supporting Governments in combating thisoutbreak of influenza and is working closely with them to supply ordersof Tamiflu as requested.


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